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Hinduja Safety Nets

Bird Netting can be installed in Commercial, Industrial and Residential areas.

Safety Nets are essential for ensuring protection in residential, industrial and even in open areas. This acts as a security layer which gives residents comfort and calmness. If you are looking to upgrade your balcony safety with Quality Nets then you are in the right place. Yes. Hinduja Safety Nets are manufactured with High Quality, Highly Durable and weather resistant materials and they are absolutely maintenance free.
Hinduja Safety Nets are not only popular for Balcony Nets but also for Anti Bird Safety Nets, Industrial Safety Nets, Staircase Safety Nets, Pets Safety Nets, Children Safety Nets, Construction Safety Nets And All types of Sports Nets.
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Hinduja Safety Nets

Providing Quality Safety Nets Service in chennai

Balcony Safety Nets

Balcony Nets are installed to guarantee Safety particularly in High rise Buildings and Apartments. Installing Safety Nets provides you extra layer of protection allowing residents to enjoy their balconies with no worries.

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Pigeon Safety Nets

Without Losing Ventilation, have a pigeon-free balcony by installing the Market's No.1 Safety Nets. We offer Supreme Quality Nets that can withstand any weather coditions. 24/7 Free Installation by our expert team on the same day of purchase. Call Us now to avail the offer price!

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Cricket Practice Nets

Create a controlled training environments for the players by fixing one of the Top Brand Cricket Nets, Hinduja Safety Nets, to practice the game in a safe and focused manner. Call Us for Free Inspection.

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Children Safety Nets

We are Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Bird Netting with Installation & Warranty by our Team of Experts

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Building Safety Nets

Complete Bird Proofing Solutions by Installation of Nets, Cost Effective, Customizable with Service and Support by our Expert Team

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Duct Area Safety Nets

Our Team with 12+Yrs of Experience & Expert in Installation of Quality Pigeon Netting, Bird Netting for Buildings, Net to Keep Pigeons Away

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Anti Bird Nets

We Provide Anti Bird Nets Solution for your Balcony Areas, Duct Areas at your Apartment / Independent Building / Commercial Place

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Sports Nets

All types of Terrace Nets with Installation along by Warranty for our Installation Services & Quality Materials used for installation

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Safety Nets

A safety net is a net to protect people from injury after falling from heights by limiting the distance they fall, and deflecting to dissipate the impact energy.

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Staircase Safety Nets

All Types of Nets for Steps / Staircase with Warranty by using Quality Nets & Low-Price Assured, Staircase

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Industrial Safety Nets

Complete Industrial Bird Netting Services with Warranty for Nets Installed along with Service and support, Industrial Safety Netting, Industrial Safety Net

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Bird Spikes

We Provide all types of Bird Spikes and its Installation, Pigeon Spikes for Balcony, Balcony Pigeon Spikes, Spikes for Balcony Railing, Warranty & Quality Spikes

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Terrace Top Nets

We are Experts in Installing Nets in Open and Terrace Areas, Cricket Net for Terrace, Sports Nets on Terrace, Terrace Net for Playing, Terrace Cricket Nets

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Monkey Safety Nets

Monkey Netting Solutions are effective and economic solution for balcony and open areas, Our Nets are Long Lasting with Warranty from 3 to 10 years based on Net Type you choose

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Open Area Safety Nets

Is your patio territory is soil by feathered creatures, don’t stress, open region security nets are offers unique excellent nets which will fixed in open territories of structure or condos.

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House Covering Netting

We utilize standard Safety measures to cover open region pigeon nets. We have group of mastery in our company, Open Area Safety Nets who can fix open zone pigeon nets.

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Construction Safety Nets

Complete Bird Proofing Solutions by Installation of Nets, Cost Effective, Customizable with Service and Support by our Expert Team

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Swimming Pool Safety Nets

Swimming pool maintenance if any bird droppings lead huge work & have to replace the water. with the Netting installation for Pool gives birds away from this place. Saves Time & Money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

HDPE Nylon Net with Quality tested materials with Warranty from 3 to 8 years based on thickness of the Net Material, We will Share the Different Quality Nets with Pricing as per your Budget and Requirements

Bird Spikes & Netting is best option based on the Outdoor unit location in your building, we will guide which ever suits best either Bird Spikes OR Netting

Nets are made of knotted polyethylene (HDPE) hence is UV resistant. HDPE nets are chemically inert, water and weather proof. It has high breaking strength. Nets are fixed using stainless steel wire framework and hardwares. For Further specifications, the nets are fixed using wire rope, net bolts, screw pins, barrel strainers and hogging staples .This helps tight installation of nets that cannot be stretched, giving it a strong, clean & beautiful appearance

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They are too good. Honest and straightforward. They care about the work they do. They undertook some risky work and did not cut corners to do a shoddy job. They took pains to complete the work, even though it was risky, rappelling 6 floors below. Excellent service with a warranty as well.


Excellent Work. Definitely Like to Recommend. Great and satisfied work done. Difficult height net fitting they managed very well and smartly. Quality of net is also good.. dont look anywhere this is the best pigeon net fitting provider..


Excellent professional services, they came all prepared on time as promised, did their outstanding work at best price. Genuine and budget friendly service.

Vinoth Kishan

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